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Lauren Huber

Executive Director

Lauren is a Registered Nurse from New Jersey. She has been a nurse for 8 years and has worked predominantly in Oncology and Medical/Surgical units where she has worked as a staff and charge nurse on a 30+ bed unit. She is certified in BLS and ACLS as well as in administration of chemotherapy and biomedical administration. She has a Diploma in Tropical Nursing from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and is a CPR, AED and first aid instructor with the American Red Cross.  She is passionate about serving others and has been a part of several non-profit volunteer trips with organizations such as Hopeland Volunteers, Mercy Ships, LIG Global, Sisters of Charity and Haiti Health Ministries. Within PULSE International, she serves as program director and head of U.S. supplies and shipping. She is also the acting President and one of the Executive Directors.